Youth Recognition Sunday

Sunday, June 23, 2013 was set aside in the life of our First United family as Youth Recognition Sunday. The youth of the church were recognized for their academic achievements in school and their participation in the various ministries of the church. Here's a picture of some of the youth with 2nd district school board representative Ms. Kimberly Gray who was in attendance for the service.

YOUTH LOCK-IN to be held July 20th- July 21st

School Supply Giveaway is slated for Saturday, August 20th ! ! !


Efforts are on the way to gather school supplies to help students in Richmond Public Schools with the basic supplies they need to start the upcoming school year. School Supplies are now on sale and our needs are many...


BINDERS                              COLORED PENCILS                       

COMPOSITION BOOKS       CRAYONS (LARGE & REGULAR)                       

FOLDERS                            GLUE AND GLUE STICKS

                                    HI-LIGHTERS                        INDEX CARDS 3 X 5


PENCILS (PRIMARY AND NO. 2)                              PENS (BLACK, BLUE, RED)



Please donate to this worthy cause.  If you're not much of a shopper, cash donations are also accepted! 
For information contact Janice McCallum at





Donations will be accepted thru Sunday, August 14th!


Youth Recognition Sunday - June 27, 2010


Each year, the Board of Christian Education recognizes the achievements and talents of the youth of our congregation. During the worship service, the youth issued the call to worship, read the scriptures, played instruments and carried other aspects of the service. We are very proud of our youth at First United...they are gifted and blessed! Here are a few photos of the day...


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Sunday, April 18, 2010 was YOUTH SUNDAY at First United. The speaker for the morning was our very own Tyler Motley, a senior at Henrico High School. The youth served as ushers, made the morning announcements and the youth choir rendered the worship music. We are very proud of our youth at First United and are constantly looking at ways to incorporate them into the life of the church.





















On Sunday, June 28, 2009 Christian Education sponsored Youth Recognition Sunday. The youth of the church led in all facets of the worship service...the youth choir sang, youth read the scripture selection and morning announcements, served as worship leader and provided the morning message. Christian Education recognized our four (4) high school graduates and awarded the Juanita S. Coles Scholarship to the graduate with the highest grade point average.




The youth have been busy the last few weeks canvassing the streets of Richmond for people to give their thoughts on what it means to be loyal, to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly before God (a question adapted from Micah 6:8). They interviewed random people walking the streets of Carytown to get their views...their interviews were videotaped and shown to the congregation.  At the end, the members of the congregation were given the opportunity to answer the same questions posed to the people of Carytown.