Prayer Request for the Week


Each Monday at 6:30pm, the Prayer Team at First United enters the church sanctuary to pray for the concerns of the people. We urge you to join us in praying for the prayer listing below. If you would like to submit a prayer request, please submit your request in the prayer request box or send it by email to


Individual names are only used when permission to do so is given by the requester, otherwise, ones personal identity is not disclosed.

PLEASE take time to pray for the following...

Prayer Request for the week

December 3, 2018 to December 9, 2018



Pray for a brother recovering from a virus….pray the Lord strengthens his body and restores him to complete health.

Pray for a sister suffering from significant back pain…pray the Lord provides the remedy for her ailing back and shows her favor by eliminating her pain.

Pray for a brother and his family as he now is in-home hospice care…pray the Lord ministers to his every need in this season of failing health.

Pray for parents, grandparents and others who are under stress and anxiety over providing Christmas for their loved ones…pray the Lord allows them to experience and share the true meaning of Christmas while removing the sense of pressure they may be feeling.

Pray for the family of the teen whose body was found slain between buildings on Raven Street…pray the Lord peace and comfort resides with the family and that the spirit of violence that is claiming the lives of young people all over the community is silenced.

Pray for the homeless and those housing development residents who are living in unsafe and unclean living conditions…pray the Lord protect them from the harm that surrounds them and moves in the hearts and minds of those who have the power to change things.

Pray for college students as they enter final exams week…pray the Lord opens their minds to retain what they have studied and blesses them to recall the information during the exam.

Pray for an expectant mother as she approaches the induced birth of her child… pray that the Lord guards the life of both mother and child and blesses her with a healthy baby boy.

Pray for a sister who is anxious and nervous as she takes note of contemporaries passing away…pray that she unwaveringly trusts the Lord’s plan and His timing for her life.

Pray for women, children and others caught in tribal cultish or other displays of evil acts towards humanity…pray the Lord provides refuge and relief for all who are suffering.

Pray for a sister scheduled for a test on tomorrow…pray the Lord blesses her with a successful result.