Prayer Request for the Week


Each Monday at 6:30pm, the Prayer Team at First United enters the church sanctuary to pray for the concerns of the people. We urge you to join us in praying for the prayer listing below. If you would like to submit a prayer request, please submit your request in the prayer request box or send it by email to


Individual names are only used when permission to do so is given by the requester, otherwise, ones personal identity is not disclosed.

PLEASE take time to pray for the following...

Prayer Request for the week 

June 19, 2017 to June 25, 2017

    Pray for the victims and their families of the Northside Richmond shooting on Old Brook Road this past Thursday....pray the Lord allows the wounded to heal, changes the hearts of those whose hearts are turned toward violence and allows those who mourn to be comforted.



     Pray for the Gray family as the mourn the passing of their loved one…pray the Lord comforts their grieving hearts and grant them His sweet peace.



     Pray for a sister whose spirits are low at the news her brother has been placed in hospice care…pray that the Lord consoles her and her family and eases the heaviness of their hearts.



   Praise Report: Praise be to God that a young home has returned home and is recovering from hysterectomy surgery.



     Praise Report: Praise be to God for the prayers, words of encouragement and acts of kindness provided to a sister as she heals from surgery.



    Pray for the Dubose family in the sudden passing of their daughter…pray the Lord ministers to their pain as only He can.



   Praise Report: Praise be to God for a blessed Men’s Day service and fellowship reception on yesterday.



  Pray for peace and comfort for the people of London as they endure another bombing attack…pray the Lord roots out those who would commit acts of violence and neutralize their efforts.



   Pray for the family of the teen in Sterling who was killed over the weekend outside of a mosque after getting into a dispute with a stranger...pray the Lord comforts all who grieve.



 Pray for the family of a New York man killed during a crash on I-295 late last week…pray that the Lord heals the 2 children who were injured in the crash and consoles the family of the man that perished.

Pray for all high school graduates as they embark on a new chapter in life…pray they seek Godly wisdom and they chart their course.

 Praise Report: Praise be to God that a 2 yr old child that was hit by a car in the parking lot of a Colonial Heights apartment complex last night was not seriously injured.