Prayer Request for the Week


Each Monday at 6:30pm, the Prayer Team at First United enters the church sanctuary to pray for the concerns of the people. We urge you to join us in praying for the prayer listing below. If you would like to submit a prayer request, please submit your request in the prayer request box or send it by email to


Individual names are only used when permission to do so is given by the requester, otherwise, ones personal identity is not disclosed.

PLEASE take time to pray for the following...

Prayer Request for the week

August 13, 2018 to August 19, 2018


Pray for a member undergoing surgery today…pray the Lord ministers to her ailment, grants her a successful surgery and a complication and pain free recovery.  

Pray for the spouse of a co-worker who had to go to the emergency room this weekend due to a pancreatitis attack…pray the Lord regulates his system, soothes his symptoms and brings healing to his physical body.  

Pray for the family of young child who died after being left in a hot car in Emporia…pray the Lord shows compassion on their grieving spirits and consoles them through this time of trial.  

Pray for a co-worker who took ill at work earlier today…pray the Lord’s hand of healing restores her to health.  

Pray for a man with burn injuries as he recovers from a house fire in North side Richmond early this morning….pray the Lord heals his wounds, provides him with shelter and restores his losses.  

Praise Report: Praise be to God that a niece returned home safely from a trip abroad to Ecuador. 

Praise Report: Praise be to God that no one was seriously injured in the protest rallies in Charlottesville and Washington, DC on yesterday. 

Praise Report: Praise be to God for the cooling weather and humidity, which is helping in the fight to get the California wildfires under control. 

Pray for a 6 yr. old who is hospitalized with encephalitis after receiving numerous mosquito bites…pray the Lord clears his symptoms and blesses the young boy to fully recover.  

Pray for an elderly mother who is hospitalized and not eating much…pray, the Lord restores her appetite, zest for life and her strength.  

Pray for all who are mourning the passing of Rev. Dr. Katie Cannon…pray the Lord be their strength and comforter in this time of grief.  

Praise Report: Praise be to God for the new Presbyterian Women Bible Study that will be held at 12 noon on Tuesdays starting in the coming weeks. 

Praise Report: Praise be to God for making a way for the air conditioning to be repaired in the Woodson Educational Wing. 

Pray for all in Indonesia and other areas that are impacted by floodwaters.   Pray the Lord moves the water to recede and blesses all involved in the recovery efforts. 

Pray for all young people and college students as they return to school.  Pray the Lord blesses them with a safe learning environment and an eagerness to learn. 

Pray for a mother as she grieves the loss of her child after accidentally leaving the child in a car.  Pray the Lord keeps her heart and mind safe from the grasp of the enemy. 

Pray for all who are consumed with the spirit of hate.   Pray the love of God rises up in each of them showing them a better way.