Prayer Request for the Week


Each Monday at 6:30pm, the Prayer Team at First United enters the church sanctuary to pray for the concerns of the people. We urge you to join us in praying for the prayer listing below. If you would like to submit a prayer request, please submit your request in the prayer request box or send it by email to


Individual names are only used when permission to do so is given by the requester, otherwise, ones personal identity is not disclosed.

PLEASE take time to pray for the following...

Prayer Request for the week 

October 16, 2017 to October 22, 2017

Pray for the Brown family as they mourn the passing of their beloved mother/grandmother…pray the Lord be their strength, comfort and consolation during the season of sadness.


Praise be to God that a sister who has been hospitalized for over 2 weeks was well enough to be discharged on yesterday.


Pray for the family of the 2yr old child that was found unconscious and later died while in the care of her father…pray the Lord bless the soul of the child and comfort those grieving that she left behind.


Praise be to God that a sister had a safe flight home back to Texas.


Praise be to God that the missing teenager from Woodbridge Virginia, for which an Amber Alert was issued, was found safe.


Pray for the Kelly and Lipscomb families as the mourning the passing of beloved family members this past week…pray that the Lord surrounds them with his love and compassion during this sad time.


Pray for the ministries and leadership of First United…pray the ministries change lives and the leadership heeds the clarion call of Christ!


Pray for a sister recently hospitalized with liver issues.  Pray the Lord touches her body with a hand of healing restoring her liver to normal function.


Pray for a brother who is having knee issues and an issue with his thumb related to a fall. 

Pray the Lord stabilizes his health, mends his wounds and restores him fully in Jesus name.


Pray for a sister who is believed to have cancer in both breasts.  Pray the Lord be her healer, removing all cancerous cells from her body and emboldens her to be a strong witness for his ability to heal.


Pray for a sister who needs dialysis and her daughter who serves as her care giver.  Pray the Lord makes a way for the daughter to provide Christ like service to her mother while meeting the obligations of her job and household.


Praise be to God for orchestrating a reunion between an aunt and her niece.


Praise be to God for the children’s sermon and the preached word on faith and stewardship that was brought forth on yesterday.


Pray for the Wallace family.  Pray that God of their youth abides even closer to them in their later years.


Praise be to God for a brother stopping by to visit a sick and shut in brother who has been ill for some time.